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All you need to know about the Belgian-Brasil metal project

Talks about a new project began when Belgian guitarist/vocalist/songwriter/producer Gio Smet contacted Jefferson Moura Melo, aka Jeff Metal.

Gio saw the incredible talent the Brasil singer/guitarist has to offer.

Jeff's versatile voice fits the epic music, composed by the duo, perfectly.

Thus, in the autumn of 2019, DEVIL'S DESIRE was born!

DEVIL'S DESIRE's music can be described as melodic yet heavy and powerful.

The lyrics are about the eternal struggle between good and evil and the choice between heaven or hell... Can you fight the devil's desire...?

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Jefferson Moura Melo is a Brazilian singer, born 1979 in São Vicente, São Paulo. He started playing at the age of 16 in bands such as Hallel and Powerfaith. In 2016, Jeff participated in the Vox Heaven compilation. He now also playes in a Stryper coverband named Soldiers and in his solo project where he is finishing his album "God Created Rock". Jeff is overjoyed that he has been given the chance and honor to work with Gio Smet.

Gio Smet is a Belgian guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer known from many projects (Giotopia, Gitaron, Sons Of The Migrator, Horrorwish,...) including various international musicians.

Gio played many live shows before building his own recording studio and focussing on his projects.

The Belgian musician spends his spare time with his loving  children.